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Top 10 Coffin nail idea from Zen Lotus Nail & Spa in Jacksonville, FL 32256

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Yellow nail idea

Appealing, glorious, and delightful, all shades of yellow radiate joy and a lot of energy. Yellow is the color of sunshine, it’s uplifting and illuminating, offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun. If these cheerful hues of warmth and spring daffodils are that great, why don’t you add them onto your cute nails immediately? In this springtime, yellow will be an unexpected pop of color that will brighten your mood and, of course, your nails.
Nail salon Jacksonville, FL 32256

Pale pink nail idea

Pale pink is the hue — not quite salmon, but not quite rose — that has been taking over home decor, fashion and nail polish in recent years. Pale pink becomes a nice, perfect color base to liven up any design on your spring nails. Be careful with those designs on pink nail art or your total nail look might be dull and messy. Leaving your lovely nails to a highly trained nail artist will be the smartest decision. Complete your Instagram-worthy nail photo with this light, romantic shade of pink!
Nail salon Jacksonville, FL 32256
Nail salon in JacksonvilleZen Lotus Nail & Spa

Ombre nail idea

Pink and white nails—classic color choices that really never get old. Don’t you agree? Pretty and femme, this ombre design is another fresh alternative to a standard manicure. The ombre here is very soft with delicate pink and white polishes being extremely close, which suits the lighter weather and works perfectly with a summer dress or a springtime ensemble. You might also consider trying this palette for a bridal party or simply when you want to look sweet and chic. Don’t forget to snap a pic of your elegant manicure and post it on Instagram!
Nail salon Jacksonville, FL 32256
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