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As soon as you walk through the doors at Zen Lotus Nail & Spa you will feel right at home. Your experience at Zen Lotus Nail & Spa will be highlighted by experienced nail technicians, environment, services that's completely focused on you.

Your nails play an important role in presenting a chic impression and will need to be dressed up. What's great about the ombre manicure is that it's so versatile.

Zen Lotus Nail and Spa | Nail salon 32256 | Jacksonville, FL

Whether you're a classic black and white girl, you like show-stopping bright colors, or you're looking for an excuse to whip out your brand new pastel colors, there are many different ways to wear ombre nail art.

Here we break down the best ombre nail designs to inspire your next manicure at a nail bar. If you want one of the more extravagant ombre styles, these looks are easy to achieve with a professional nail technician.

Orange and pink nails—classic color choices that really never get old. Don’t you agree? Pretty and femme, this ombre design is another fresh alternative to a standard manicure.

Nail salon 32256

The ombre here is very soft with delicate orange and white polishes being extremely close, which suits the lighter weather and works perfectly with a summer dress or a springtime ensemble.

You might also consider trying this palette for a bridal party or simply when you want to look sweet and chic. Don’t forget to snap a pic of your elegant manicure and post it on Instagram!

For those who prefer an understated and yet, a classy look; this is one of the best nailstyle to try out!
Drop by our salon and let us make your dream nails come true.

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