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Many people still believe that permanent makeup simply goes to the salon, lies on the bed, then comes back home, does nothing, and waits for the new forever makeup. Actually, to get a perfect result, it doesn’t just depend on the service you chose, what you do after the treatment is also equally important.

Permanent makeup is using a 0.2mm vibrating needle injector and implanting pigment into the upper layer of the skin. The needle will penetrate the skin, that’s why you will experience swelling after that.

There are some good and bad things that you should and should not do after permanent makeup, this blog will help you have an easier healing process and get the very best results ever!


  • Pick scabs: in the healing process, your skin will be renewed, scabs will appear in the first few weeks, but don’t touch it or the color will be lost, let it be, do not picking, peeling or scratching (follow my advice or you gonna get some scar there on your skin).

  • Makeup: your skin is really sensitive now, it is not a good time to apply any foundation or concealer, no makeup for 7 - 14 days or until the treated area is 100% healed (actually some natural mineral makeup can be applied, but if it isn’t really necessary, forget it).

  • Wet your skin: this is the most taboo thing, get your procedure area away from water. Try to keep the shower water from it, but somehow if it gets wet, just PAT it dry (never rub or you will disturb the skin from healing), using a clean lint-free tissue.

  • Eating this kind of food/drink:
    • Beef: Even permanent makeup only affects the epidermis of the skin, for sensitive areas that are treated, you should abstain from beef. It can darken the damaged skin. After treatment is the time when the new skin layer is forming. If you eat beef, it can make your treated area darker than usual, so that your makeup won’t be in the correct color that you want.
    • Chicken meat: Beef darkens your skin while chicken will prolong the healing process. So to get the perfect result, you should stay away from this dish.

Note: in most cases, after the treatment, you should avoid eating chicken meat completely for at least 7 days. For those who have sensitive skin and longer healing time, doctors recommend doing the abstinence for at least 2 weeks - 1 month.

  • Seafood: some kinds of seafood such as shrimp, crab, fish, squid,...have a fishy smell that easily causes irritation to the skin. Eating a lot of seafood this time will make the procedure area itchy, get red, and have an allergy.
  • Eggs: It can keep your skin from evenly colored. Because some of the ingredients in the egg can give the treated area white spots.
  • Water spinach, sticky rice: water spinach can leave a scar, this is not a recommended vegetable. In addition, sticky rice makes your wound swollen and easier to get pus.
  • Spicy and salty foods: in the first time of the healing process, you should avoid eating foods that are too hot or too salty, or your wound will be swollen and take a longer time to be healed.
  • Stimulants: Stay away from alcohol, beer, cigarettes…


  • Ease the treated area

The area may feel itchy and be swollen, it is quite red right after the treatment and become darker for the first week, a small tip to make this part become easier is using ice/cool packs, ice every hour throughout the first day, it can help you feel more comfortable and avoid the risk of color migration.

Note: The cooling time should not be longer than 20 mins at a time, and the interval should be 20 mins.

  • Protect the treated area

Your skin is sensitive and weak now, the sun’s ultraviolet is really harmful to it, UV rays can create pigmentation and post-inflammatory color changes, so don’t forget to use a sunscreen with high SPF that can block both UVA/UVB, wear sunglasses (permanent eyeliner and brows), lip sunscreens (permanent lips) before going out.

Small tip: You can use antibiotic ointment or vaseline to prevent the area from infection and getting wet.

  • Feed your skin

Eat plenty of protein during the healing process, these kinds of food will helpful for you

  • Pineapple: One of the top recommended foods is pineapple. It contains Bromelain - which has the ability to heal wounds quickly, reduce pus, swelling, inflammation.

It also contains lots of vitamin C, water, and some nutrients such as alpha hydroxy acid, enabling it to regenerate, tighten, and smooth the skin. This drink provides full of essential nutrients, you should eat pineapple regularly to help the treated area color up even more.

  • Tomato: Tomato is recommended for the skin. With vitamin C, water, it helps to fight antioxidants and make your skin soft, comfortable and non-irritating.
  • Carrot: Contains about 80-95% water and some vitamins such as vitamin A, K, B6, Potassium, Biotin...helps to keep your skin smooth, rosy and increase the immunity.
  • Oranges and lemons: polyphenol in oranges has the ability to protect your skin from viruses. They both help cool the skin effectively, you should drink lots of orange and lemon juice so that your area will feel comfortable, with no irritation.
  • Water: the most basic but also the most important drink. After all, water is indispensable. You should drink plenty of water between 1.5 - 2 liters per day. To ensure your body doesn’t lack water, good for metabolism, and helps your skin heal faster.

All the above-mentioned is not only good for the healing process but also for your health, try to follow and make it become your routine. You can’t be beautiful if you are not in good health, right :)

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